JuggerBot 3D, LLC

JuggerBot 3D, LLC

In 2014, JuggerBot 3D, LLC was founded in Youngstown, Ohio by Zachary DiVencenzo and Daniel Fernback. The partners set out to re-mold the Mahoning Valley by offering the finest industrial 3D printing solutions focusing on performance, reliability, and value. The company manufactures large-format 3D printers that are uniquely capable of processing performance plastics. They also sell a wide range of 3D printers, along with materials such as onyx, fiberglass, and various metals. Their mission is to open doors to new possibilities by delivering innovative tools that contribute to the prosperity of manufacturers around the world.

JuggerBot 3D, LLC has seen great success working with machine shops, contract manufacturers, and OEMs across the world. They saw an opportunity to offer their services and products to the government marketplace, especially with Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) programs; however, they weren’t sure where to start. To help them with their procurement process, Zachary and Daniel were referred to the Ohio Apex Accelerator at YSU by Youngstown Business Incubator (YBI).

It was at the Ohio APEX Accelerator at YSU that Daniel met with the Director of the Center to explore how the company could target government opportunities. They assisted Daniel through the appropriate registrations so JuggerBot 3D, LLC could submit a proposal on an open Army STTR opportunity. Although faced with some issues during the System for Award Management (SAM) registration, Ohio APEX Accelerator at YSU was able to coach Daniel through the issues so he could meet the proposal submission deadline. The client now has the knowledge to identify and deploy alternative means of communication in critical times during pursuit, which will be beneficial to them in the future.

Pursuing the STTR opportunity was the first foray into the federal government procurement world for JuggerBot 3D, LLC Ohio Apex Accelerator at YSU provided further guidance to help Daniel determine a timeline for writing a winning proposal, and assisted with keeping him on track amidst registration issues related to SAM and the Defense SBIR/STTR Innovation Portal (DSIP). Despite a couple of setbacks, JuggerBot 3D, LLC was able to land its first Federal Contract before the end of 2020. The company was awarded a $166,000 STTR contract through the US Army.

Daniel, co-founder, and vice president, of JuggerBot 3D, LLC, emphasized the impact of landing this contract by stating, “This STTR will help JuggerBot 3D expand our product offerings and commercialize another cutting edge 3D printing technology.” Daniel also describes working with the Ohio APEX Accelerator at YSU as an “instrumental part in navigating through the award process.” After successfully going through the procurement process JuggerBot 3D, LLC is in a great position to secure more contract opportunities. “JuggerBot 3D™s success is a perfect example of persistence and innovation,” says the Director of the Ohio APEX Accelerator at YSU. “Entering the world of government procurement is not an easy feat, nor is it impossible. Companies need to be persistent and stick with it. Dan did just that no matter what challenges appeared before him. JuggerBot 3D is already a local leader in additive manufacturing, and I believe that this STTR award will lead to similar success within the government marketplace, especially now that additive manufacturing, particularly that in Ohio, is being viewed with greater interest by DoD agencies.”