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About APEX

Similar to any expansion strategy – entering the world of government contracts will take time, work, and knowledge of the process. Ohio APEX Accelerator at YSU, our job is to streamline the process so you can do what you do best – provide amazing products and services to your customers.

What is Government Contracting?

What is Government Contracting?

Did you know that the US government is the world’s biggest customer? In 2020 alone, it spent more than $600 billion on contracts, representing over one third of all spending in the US.

How to Get Your Business Ready to Contract

How to Get Your Business Ready to Contract

Government contracting can be a great way to increase your profits, but it can also feel a little like navigating an obstacle course. Your local Ohio APEX Accelerator at YSU can walk you through the whole process.


International Steel and Counterweights Success Story

Founded in 2010, International Steel & Counterweights (ISC) is a steel service center that specializes in providing customers with low cost, quality steel fabrications for use as counterweights, fabrications, weldments, and steel supply. Their mission is to...

Engineered Products of Ohio Success Story

Founded in 2016, Engineered Products of Ohio, LLC. (EPI) is a technology manufacturing company that custom designs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags for challenging environments. EPI works with their customers to develop and integrate RFID technology like...

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Personal Protected, LLC was born from Hitch-Hiker Manufacturing and the COVID-19 crisis. Both companies are owned and operated by Jeff and Holly Swartz. Over the past 52 years, Hitch-Hiker Manufacturing has become the premier concession trailer manufacturer for the...

Hovis Construction, LLC

In 2019, Hovis Construction, LLC was founded in Cortland, OH by owners Michael Hovis and David Grayson. The company's focus? Construction and demolition, including site clearing and preparation, excavating, laying foundation, and paving. Later that same year, Hovis...

JuggerBot 3D, LLC

In 2014, JuggerBot 3D, LLC was founded in Youngstown, Ohio by Zachary DiVencenzo and Daniel Fernback. The partners set out to re-mold the Mahoning Valley by offering the finest industrial 3D printing solutions focusing on performance, reliability, and value. The...